Proof of immunity in the practice

Since 16.03.2022, the so-called "institution-related vaccination obligation" applies to medical practices, among others (§ 20a IfSG). The regulation does not only apply to persons with employee status. Temporary workers, trainees or service staff (e.g. employees of cleaning services) are also covered. However, those who are only in the practice for a short time (a few minutes) are excluded. This includes, for example, beverage delivery staff or postal service providers.

Those working in the practice had to provide proof of vaccination or convalescent status to the practice management by March 15, 2022. Individuals who cannot be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus due to a medical contraindication were required to provide an appropriate medical certificate by that date.

But what happens if individuals have not provided the appropriate evidence? Here is now to differentiate:

Persons who are to be newly/initially active in practice since 16.03.2022 are not allowed to do so. The IfSG directly orders a ban on employment in the practice.

For those already working until 15.03.2022, the practice management must immediately inform the health office and transfer the respective personal data to the authority. Only the health office can order a ban on entering and/or working in the practice. Prior to this, the health office will once again request the persons to provide proof within a reasonable period of time. As long as no decision has been made by the health office, the persons concerned may continue to work in the practice. Applicable testing requirements, etc., must be complied with. Compliance with other regulations should be well documented in the practice.