Competition law

With years of increasing regulation of the health market, competition law in the health care system is also becoming more and more important. It regulates compliance with the competitive conditions that apply equally to service providers and their professional groups, in particular through competition law, i.e. the Unfair Competition Act (UWG).


For this reason, violations of health market-specific rules of conduct (e.g. regulations of medical and pharmacy professional and professional law, or of drug advertising law and other advertising regulations), by which service providers wish to gain (unlawful) competitive advantages, are being warned between competitors or by competition associations and a declaration of discontinuance with penalty payments is demanded. If the person sent a warning does not comply with this request, an application for an interim injunction or a corresponding action for injunction or damages is regularly filed.

We advise service providers from all sectors of the healthcare market on competition law issues. We conduct disputes under competition law for members of the healthcare professions and support them in designing distribution concepts and advertising projects in compliance with competition law.